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Weight Loss Challenge

Jackie's  Weight Loss Challenge

Call for details and to register (866) 998-4100 or sign up below

3 meetings times per week for your convenience. Held in Saylorsburg.  Choose from Tuesday eve 6-7 pm, Thurs 9:30-10-30am, or  Saturday 9:30-10:30am.

3 ways to join

1- Sign up for my 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge by joining my Saturday morning meetings in Saylorsburg. Healthy weight loss tips, lots of motivation & weekly weigh in for accountability.  $59.95 includes to 2 free exercise classes.

2- Sign up for my 6 Week Online Weight Loss Challenge and receive daily tips, nutrition and exercise recommendations from me via email. Weekly check in to keep you committed and accountable.  $49.95.

3-Connect with me on facebook and receive tips on nutrition, exercise and losing weight healthfully. Connect with others who are also moving toward a healthier lifestyle. No charge!

6 Week Program: Only $59.95 includes 2 exercise classes. (See class schedule link )
Preregister now. Limited seating!

Would you like to come to a meeting for just $10?  Topics such as "How can I eat out and still lose weight?"  "Tips to help control  emotional eating"  "How do I begin an exercise program"  and much more!!! LOSE WEIGHT & FEEL GREAT...through healthy eating. Exercise tips too! Meetings held once per week in Saylorsburg with Jackie LeClaire owner of Results Wellness Center since 1998. JOIN NOW...Reserve a spot.  
For nearly two decades, Jackie LeClaire has helped hundreds of men and women lose weight and keep it off permanently. As a nutritionist, fitness coach and hypnotherapist, she uses these tools to help people just like you who are struggling with weight issues. “It can be a real internal battle. Dieting, then gaining the weight back again, binging, not knowing the right road to take. There are so many quick fixes and so called 'miracle drugs' out there which can be misleading.” “I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I know its not easy. “ My six week weight loss challenge will teach you all of the tools you need to reach your healthy weight goal and keep that excess weight off permanently. It's only for a very limited group so reserve now by calling me at (866) 998-4100. Meetings are 90 minutes and will be held at my home studio in Saylorsburg. 

Doing the 6 week challenge helped me to learn to make small changes without burning myself out or discouraging me. Jackie helped me start small with exercising and small diet changes. Also, the Isagenix protein shakes and bars were a life saver for a hectic schedule!     Jessica M., Roseto, PA

The weekly meeting is great, it holds me accountable. Jackie has great tips for different workouts and bars to make clean eating affordable and easy! I'm feeling great!   
Ashley F., Wind Gap, PA

Working with Jackie helped me jump start my weight loss. I have changed my eating habits and feel great! Jackie made weight loss and eating better FUN!!   Mary H, Stroudsburg, PA

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