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Jackie made me feel comfortable right away. I had a weight problem that was interfering with my life. Jackie had an amazing technique that produced results much quicker than I anticipated. I have been working with Jackie twice a week and now feel better than ever. Thanks Jackie!
-George P.

Jackie was incredibly responsive to my fears and struggles with fitness. She listened to my needs and managed to bring me a sense of accomplishment that I have never experienced before. Thanks!
-Mariah C.

Jackie not only helped me gain muscle tone, she gave me the ability to stick with the program. This has brought my much joy, as it is the first time in twenty years that I have followed through with a fitness routine!
-Mark M.

Jackie is truly motivational. She has a knack for knowing just how hard to push me to get the best from myself. She is compassionate and interested in my progress in a way that is above and beyond her duty.

Jenn S.
Bethlehem, PA

Jackie is great at what she does. Her technique and knowledge of the body have inspired and motivated me to persue my goal of losing weight. I like working with her because of the many challenges she has given me to motivate myself that I CAN do it!!

Clare H.
Pocono, PA

I have been training with Ms. Jacqueline for about 2 years now.  She is extremely professional motivated, energetic and enthusiastic and above all dedicated to your success. Jacqueline’s in-depth knowledge of training both physically and mentally provides me with a quality workout that I can stick to on a daily basis, which is a huge, plus for me! Her understanding of the nuances of training specific body parts is what really gives me awesome results! As well, she inspires you to succeed and to strive for your goals and continued to help me improve my quality of life! I am 45 and in the best shape of my life!

Marion W.
Greater New York City Area

Jackie will get you there!

No matter where you are starting from or where you want to get to, Jackie will get you there.  She has a remarkable way of assessing exactly where you are on any given day and creating a custom workout that is perfect for that day.

If I am feeling strong she will deliver a power-oriented workout.  If I am tired, stiff or sore, she will create a workout that will leave me with more energy at the end of my workout than when I began.  Workouts are fun, targeted and produce results.  My flexibility is better than it has ever been and cardio is becoming a way of life.

I trust Jackie to deliver results and I look forward to every training session.

Herb L.
Holmdel, NJ

Jacqueline has been an instructor here at Hoffman LaRoche since 2008 and I HIGHLY recommend her!  She is an asset to our fitness programs. A true professional who loves her work, Jackie brings energy and fun to all her classes.

Toni LaSala
Nutley, NJ

Thanks Jackie! You made me feel comfortable right away. Using your services was the best decision I ever made!
-Cynthia E.

Not only do your workouts invigorate me, they promote good health. I have never felt better! Thanks!
-Bailey T.

Since using your services, I feel better at age 65 than I did at 35! Thank you so much!
-Earl J.

When I injured my ankle playing football, I thought I would lose all of the muscle tone and weight loss I had fought so hard to achieve. Thanks to Jackie's patience and amazing technique, I am now learning alternate ways of staying on top of my fitness.
-Keith W.

  I started with Jackie’s Mind & Body Attack System which includes a combination of hypnosis, exercise and nutritional support. It was a great combination for me that resulted in my 20 pound weight loss along with a wonderful feeling of strength and health .The exercise routines were varied, and helped me to realize that I can do a lot more than I thought I could. My back sure feels better than it did before I started. But, for me, the hypnosis was the most valuable as I feel less obsessed and controlled by food .I really needed help there. Now I am seeing that, the better I eat, the better I feel overall. Thanks Jackie, for helping me and keeping me on my quest for a healthy mind and body!! 

Eileen C.

Bethlehem, PA

I was very impressed with your CD for Weight Loss. It's been four months and I'm almost at goal. So far I've lost 35lbs. I feel very much in control of food now. I automatically reach for healthy foods and I feel satisfied, not hungry after I've eaten. Thank You!

Bob B.

Allentown, PA

I never thought I would be able to quit smoking. After trying to quit for years, I tried the patch, pills from my doctor, cold turkey, nothing worked. I was amazed at how easy it was with Hypnosis. After just one session I knew I would never smoke again. Thanks Jackie for saving my life!!

Shawn H.

E. Rutherford, NJ

Jacqueline, Thank you for helping me to quit smoking. Using your 21 day program at home made it easy. I set my daily goal and listened to your Hypnosis CD. Within 2 weeks I cut down to just one cigarette a day, and 2 days day to zero!! I became a nonsmoker and still am 2 years later!

Thomas S.

Easton, PA

I am smoke free now for 7 months. I didn't gain weight or have withdrawals. Hypnosis just made it easy. Thank you Jackie

Grace S.

Clifton, NJ

Jackie, I love your Net Coaching Program!! You have made it so easy for me to lose weight and stay motivated.  The programs you email me are diverse and challenging.  The weekly check ins keep me on track.  I have been using this program since March 2012.  Thank you for being my coach!!!
Kim G.
Union, NJ

Jackie makes fitness a fun experience. She uses her knowledge of Pilates, yoga and fitness regimes to mix up the experience and keep you interested. I was able to meet my fitness goals with her expert guidance.
Jeff Parks, Bethlehem, PA
Arts Quest

“Thank you, Jackie” understates the effect you have had on my life. I was struggling with a tragedy in my life these past two years and when I called you for help you made me feel comfortable immediately and we went to work right away. The combination of exercise, nutritional support, and meditation was the perfect combination. I now feel better than I have in years, losing 19 pounds, gaining strength and stamina.Your net-coach program now provides me with a monthly custom work out that I enjoy and look forward to and the weekly check- in keeps me on track. It is simple but a heart felt, thank you.

Deb M
Saylorsburg, PA

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