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"The Mind & Body Attack System" is a revolutionary new program for weight loss based on scientific research, developed by Jacqueline . This twelve week, 3 part curriculum is designed to insure your success by focusing on Nutrition, Exercise and Subconscious Reprogramming so that eating the correct amounts of healthful foods and exercising regularly becomes habit. The M&B Attack System is a one-on-one program for people of all ages and fitness levels.



An effective diet plan is very specific and unique for every individual. In your evaluation with Jacqueline,  nutrition expert, a program will be designed around your metabolism. A proper diet and nutrition program is essential to getting your body at its best in order to burn fat, increase energy, performance and affect mood positively. "The Mind & Body Attack System" in conjunction with developing the optimal diet for your own individual metabolism will help you feel better, look better and live longer.  You will be given "Clean Eating" guidelines and delicious recipes! 



Most knowledgeable people will agree that the mind is an extremely powerful force in the universe. Hypnosis, used in conjunction with proper diet and exercise can generate the power to make permanent, positive behavior changes. Hypnosis is approved by the American Medical Association and is the fastest known method of reaching the subconscious, which governs our habits and behavioral patterns. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that you can have experienced every single day. Hypnosis can remove all desire for fattening food. Hypnosis can help to change negative eating habits into positive ones. It can help to change attitudes about food and exercise. Using hypnosis you can gain confidence, increase motivation, and east stress. Hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools we have for gaining access to our full mind. Once you learn how to put your full mind to work for you, your potential is unlimited.


This program incorporates several of the most effective methods of training into one hour routines, 2 times per week, that can help any person achieve the maximum aesthetic and endurance results possible in the shortest amount of time. You will be instructed by Jackie to do additional workouts on your own each week.  Because the workouts make us push ourselves to our own limits, then a little further, one begins to see themselves in a different light. A transformation begins realizing that your potential and possibilities can be much greater than you ever imagined. You will learn the science of training to your own heart rate rhythms and the chemical and biological effects this has on your body and fat burning.

WEEK 12  Meet the" The New You".  By week 12, you should be catapulted into a new way of looking & feeling, infused with nothing but high performance behavior.  Metabolically, your food burning process or "metabolic set point" should be close where it needs to be. You should be on your way to proper weight.


A good maintenance program would be 3-4 work outs per week, with 1 to 2 days being higher intensity.

You will be all set to move into my Net Coaching program.  At this point you will be sent your work outs and nutritional guidelines monthly via email.  You will instructed when to check in with "Coach Jackie."
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