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Directions for Listening- To receive the most benefit, listen for 21days.

April Special $19.95 each, 2 for $35

Self-help Mp3's to choose from:

Eliminate Caffeine- Caffeine is a drug that is highly addictive. By eliminating caffeine, you can greatly improve how you feel. No more mood swings. Most people say they have MORE energy and sleep better when they eliminate caffeine from their diet.

Eliminate Fear of Public Speaking- Did you know that more people are afraid of public speaking than they are of dying? Do you cringe with fear when you have to speak in front of an audience? This recording will not only help to relax but to remember all you have studied.

End Nail Biting- Have you tried and tried to stop biting your nails but you still keep going back to that nasty habit? Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to remove this habit permanently. This recording will also help relieve stress which many say contributes to nail biting.

Enhance Creativity- Are you in the midst of a project and drawing a blank as to how to move forward? Just play this recording and the juices will begin to flow. Hypnosis can help you to remove any blocks and blast through any walls that are slowing you down and holding you back.

Exercise Motivation- When you think about exercising is it painful? Do you think “how can I find the time”? It's so difficult for many to commit to even though the rewards are great. This recording will help get you on your path to health and fitness and feeling great!

Learning Enhancement- Do you have a difficult time concentrating? Is test taking fearful? This recording can help improve your learning ability and retention making your study periods much more effective. It can help you will be much more relaxed and focused during test taking.

Lose Weight- Thousands of people just like have found hypnosis as a helpful aid in losing weight. This recording is designed to help you to take control over food and emotional eating while making healthier food choices.

Pain Management- If you are under a doctor's care and have chronic pain, this recording can help. Your mind can produce anesthesia much stronger than any doctor could prescribe. Use this as a tool to manage your discomfort and improve your quality of life. One side affect, you may sleep better too!

Reduce Stress/ Increase Confidence- Stress can contribute to many disease processes, including high blood pressure, stroke and cancer. Hypnosis can help to change your perception of the things that cause stress and your reaction to them. This recording is also designed to give you a big boost of self-confidence to get you through what ever life throws at you.

Sales Motivation- This is designed to build a road map in your mind to put you on the path to success. You will build confidence, a positive attitude and increase motivation. This recording implants the rewards as the focus point while tearing down the walls that separate you from reaching your goals.

Smoking Cessation- Hypnosis is approved by the American Medical Association and is one of the safest and most effective ways to quit smoking permanently. Many experience little of no withdrawals or weight gain.

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